GIS and Environmental Science  

Master's Thesis 
(in progress finishing manuscript)

Satellite-based Phenology and Climate Anomaly Analysis In Evaluating The Response of Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands Tropical Forests To The 2015-2016 Drought.

Funded by The United States Forest Service as part of the Puerto Rico Sustainability Project.
Research in Collaboration with Humboldt State University, USFS – International Institute of Tropical Forestry, & Hong Kong Polytechnic University


o Conducted spatial and statistical analyses to assess phenology changes and its relation to change in above ground live biomass and hurricane-related tree damage and mortality
o Utilized Python, R, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Ubuntu, and Linux to create Landsat angle files
o Produced cloud-free time series satellite imagery using a multistep process in ENVI/IDL software to correct for differences in solar and sensor angles, stack the timeseries, mask out water pixels, screen for clouds and shadows, and repair Landsat images
o Generated spectral indices including EVI, NDMI, and NDVI, extracted phenology metrics, and harmonized data with Forest Inventory and Analysis data
o Conducted multivariate statistical analyses and currently writing final thesis and manuscript for future publication


Fire emission modeling of the Lake Tahoe Basin

Research funded by USFS and Humboldt State University

  • Utilized the software LANDIS-II to model fire emissions in the Lake Tahoe bioregion

  • Utilized Python and R to georeferenced and extract values from 30,000 raster images

  • Utilized data sources such as gridMET, PRISM, and TERRAclimate while also using forest software to determine fuel quantity and fire severity

  • Completed technical reports, presentations, and produced outreach materials such as PowerPoints, published documents, and maps for project partners


Fire risk assessment of different locations throughout Northern California

Research funded by USFS and Humboldt State University

•Six different tree species data from Calflora 

•Precipitation, average temp, max temp, VPD min, VPD max calculated using PRISM

•Palmer’s Drought Severity calculated using gridMET

•Past fire data collected from California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

•Elevation, slope, and aspect calculated using a USGS 30-meter DEM

•Serpentine data from USGS


Undergraduate Research
In partnership with Humboldt State University, Oregon State University, and the EPA

  • Partner with Humboldt State University and Oregon State University to model northernCalifornia watershed with the software VELMA 2.0

  • Became the first team to model watersheds more than 100 sq miles.

  • Successfully modeled the Eel, Trinity, and Noyo Rivers.

  • Attempted to model the Russian River

  • Created and maintained a website with results, extensive documentation to run the

  • software, and interactive charts and maps to display the data.

  • https://humboldt.reclaim.hosting/VELMA/

  • Link to Salmonid Restoration Federation


Augmented Reality Sandbox Manager Jan 2018 – Dec 2019
Humboldt State University Library

o Built and maintained an augmented reality sandbox at the Humboldt State University.
o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxtqFZSNDHQ